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Complete Long Range Wi-Fi System
with Onboard Wi-Fi Hot Spot   $395
Winter Special $345

Providing Wi-Fi systems for boats since 2003.
Hundreds of systems sailing world wide.

"Very powerful, works great!" Clyde Murphey

"Hi Dalton,  We are connected! In fact we are connected to the Bay Garden Inn which is just south of the channel into the marina and we are out by Jam de bois at Pigeon Island Park. So it must be well over a mile away!  Thanks for everything. Time for me to go for a swim." Chuck

"The WiFi system has been working great since it was installed - we are very happy with it!  In fact, we a so happy with it that we are thniking about taking it off of Kiva before we sell her and installing it on the new boat we are building in Europe."  Thanks, Jan Buskop, S/V Kiva

"Hi Dalton, Wanted to let you know that your system faired well during Earl. We had 125mph winds with higher gusts and tornados. It was good to have the internet." Bob Hogan

"It works beautifully!" "Much better than I anticipated!" Bill Campbell, S/V Alcheringa II

"Dalton, Just a quick note to let you know that I LOVE my wififorboats antenna! I mounted it on our arch, which is about 15 feet off the water and we were able to immediately access numerous wifi connections that we couldn’t see before.  We vacationed in Key West and up the West coast of Florida this spring and there was rarely an anchorage when we couldn't get connected.  Thanks for a great product!" Clark Haley

"The large external Wi-Fi for Boats antenna connects to the land based hot spot with your small internal antenna creating an Onboard Hot Spot on our boat. This internal antenna had three iPhones, and iPad and a lap top all using wi-fi at the same time with no problem." Scott Lenoard

"Love it!!! Works great! I'm using the Wi-Fi for Boats antenna now and get access from many stations. Thank you so much." Dianne Davis

"Thank you for suggesting sending the system through St. Thomas. It saved time and money. As I mentioned in a previous mail, my boat is in the yard for a few months and I will use the system in a house over looking Biras Creek resort. It took about ten minutes to get the system up and running." Bob Hogan, SV Eroica

"We've used our antenna in all anchorages from St. Lucia to Trinidad that have a wifi signal with much success. The system allows Roberta to stay in touch more often with friends and family via Skype." Tito on SV Alleluia

"The first system you sent me is working great! I just ordered a second complete 15db wifi system to use at my land base..   Thanks!!   Nick Babich, s/v Calypso

Complete System
Dual 15 db Omni Wi-Fi Antennas
Ubitiqui Rocket M2 Station/Router
AirGateway Onboard Hot Spot

Share your Internet Connection
Computer Navigation Systems,
Windows Computers, Apple Computers,
Notebooks, Wi-Fi enabled Tablets, Apple MacBooks, iPads and iPods, iPhones, Smartphones & Android Devices.

Complete System Including:

  • Rocket M2 b/g/n MIMO Wi-Fi Station/Router.
  • Dual 15 dbi High Gain Omni Directional Antenna.
  • AirGateway b/g/n Onboard Wi-Fi Hot Spot
  • Two 7 inch RPSMA to N Type antenna cables.
  • Power Over Ethernet Injector.
  • LAN port for Desktop Computer.
  • 36 inch 12VDC pigtail for Power Injector.
  • 3ft Cat5 POE to Computer Ethernet Cable.
  • 50ft Cat5 Antenna to POE Ethernet Cable.

$ 395.00  
Winter Special $ 345

What makes Wi-Fi for Boats system better?

# 1... New MIMO technology: Dual 15 dbi High Gain Omnidirectional MIMO Antenna system with Ubitiqui's Rocket M2 MIMO Router greatly increases Wi-FI range and connection reliability.

New IEEE 802.11n MIMO technology, better know as Wi-Fi "n", has become increasing prevalent in Wi-Fi Hot Spots through out the world. Wi-Fi for Boats provides a complete MIMO capable system with Two 15 dbi High Gain Onmidirectonal Antennas coupled with Ubitiqui's Rocket M2 MIMO wireless router provide increased range, more reliable connections and increased throughput. Even if the shore side equipment is not using MIMO technology, using MIMO technology on your boat increases connection reliability by combining multi-path signals to increase signal strength rather than filtering them out.

# 2 ...  You cannot connect to what you cannot hear! 
           A strong transmitter alone will not connect further.

Our 15 dbi Omni Directional Antennas have three times (3X) the ability to capture weak signals than typical 8-10 dbi antennas found on other systems. Wi-Fi is a two way conversation. Just because you can shout loud does not mean you can hear a person whispering to you.  
Our antenna gives you the ability to select stations that you would not otherwise receive and make reliable connections at much greater distances.

# 3... New AirGateway Hot Spot included with all systems.

Connect all of your onboard devices: Computer Navigation Systems, Windows Computers, Apple Computers, Notebooks, Tablets, iPads, iPods, iPhones, Smartphones and Android Devices all to your Wi-Fi Antenna.

# 4...  Standard Power Over Ethernet Cat5e TCP/IP network cable.
The connection from our antenna is a standard TCP/IP network connection using inexpensive Cat5e network cable, not performance and distance limited Coax or USB.  The Cat5e network connection also provides power to the antenna allowing you complete freedom to mount our high gain antenna in the best possible location on your boat with absolutely zero cable loss.

# 5...  Being a good neighbor.
Using our high gain antennas, our transmitter does not have to be turned up to full power to enable reliable long distance connections. When a powerful transmitter is running at full power it introduces interference to others and distortion in its own signal as well.  With our high gain antennas we are able to set the transmission power much less than maximum power and still connect at great distances.  This gives you a cleaner and clearer signal providing you with faster, more reliable connections while at the same time not overpowering your neighbors equipment allowing all to share the Internet.

# 6...  It's about good design.

Long distance Wi-Fi is about good equipment and good design, especially when connecting to low power signals such as may be provided by a local bar, restaurant or home system. Balancing the transmit power and sensitive receiver in the New Ubitiqui Rocket M2 with our New 802.11n  MIMO 15dbi gain Omni Antenna provides greater connection distances and more reliable connections.
I take great pride in creating products and providing equipment that will give you unmatched performance regardless of the exaggerated claims I read on the Internet.  With 30 years experience in technology and networks, I build, sell and support Wi-Fi systems for boats that I know work, and work well.

That is what makes Wi-Fi for Boats better!

I look forward to helping you with your Wi-Fi system.

Dalton Williams, SV Quietly

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