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Antigua.jpgDalton Williams lived aboard his Mason 43 as full time live-a-board cruiser from 2002 to 2010.  Prior to early retirement and cruising, Dalton opened one of the early computer stores in 1977 and has been involved in computers and networking ever since. 

He retired in 2001 as
CIO and Executive VP at Vail Banks, Inc.  While there he managed the bank's operations, computers and extensive network applications and was an early pioneer of voice over a data network now called VOIP. 

Since 2010 Mr. Williams has been Director of Information Technology for a Washington DC children's charity and continues his dedication to giving back to the cruising community through Wi-Fi for Boats.

"Wi-Fi for Boats grew out of my 30 year career in computers and my own needs as a full time live-a-board cruiser. When I started cruising, carrying a notebook computer to shore in a water tight case was always a concern.  So shortly after starting my Caribbean cruising in 2002, I started researching technology that would allow me to sit on my boat and access the Internet.

In 2014 with our superb 15db Omnidirectional MIMO Antenna and Rocket M2 MIMO Wireless Router provide cruisers with Wi-Fi ranges 3000 feet or more from a shore side signal with reliable connections capable of Skype Video calls. In many Caribbean anchorages our customers report reliably connecting at a distances of 4000 feet and more from strong shore side signals."


As a researcher, Mr. Williams is never satisfied with the status quo.  "I am constantly looking for better ways of connecting boats to shore based Internet. The equipment we offer is in daily use and is the best equipment I can find for the unique requirements in the sailing and boating community." 

My Pledge


  • To be a good neighbor, assisting fellow cruisers whenever possible.
  • To select the best equipment available and test it in the marine environment.

  • To always provide excellent equipment at reasonable prices.