Wi-Fi for Boats
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Wi-Fi for Boats Antenna Systems connect and operate with any computer or wireless Wi-Fi device regardless of age or operating system.  All that is required is wireless device or computer with a standard RJ-45 Network Jack, support for TCP/IP network protocol and a Web Browser.

"We have three iPhones, and iPad and a lap top all using wi-fi at the same time with no problem." Scott Lenoard

Fully Compatible With:

  • Windows Me, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10
  • Apple Macintosh, Apple OSx,
  • Apple iOS iPhones, iPads, iPods
  • Android Devices and Smartphones
  • Unix, Lenix, RedHat, SCO
  • Fully standard based TCP/IP
  • No Special Drivers Required

Wi-Fi for Boats acts as DHCP server and use Network Address Translation (Masquerading) feature allowing many computers or other network devices to share a single Wi-Fi connection. NAT will act as the firewall between the shore based Internet and the onboard network. Additional Firewall settings can be configured for Layer 3 packet filtering and access control if desired.

Wi-Fi for Boats is fully compatible with 10/100 network hubs and switchs allowing you to connect any number of additional computers, printers or other network ready devices to the Internet through your single Wi-Fi connection.