Wi-Fi for Boats
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Complete Marine Wi-Fi System
15 db Omni MIMO Wi-Fi Antenna
Ubitiqui Rocket M2 Station/Router
AirGateway Onboard Hot Spot

Share your Internet Connection!
Computer Navigation Systems,
Windows Computers, Apple Computers,
Linix Computers, Wi-Fi enabled Tablets,
Apple MacBooks, iPads and iPods, iPhones,
Smartphones & Android Devices.

  • Rocket M2 b/g/n MIMO Wi-Fi Station/Router.
  • 23o Beam Width 15 db gain Omni MIMO Antenna.
  • Two 7 inch RPSMA to N Type antenna cables.
  • AirGateway b/g/n Onboard Hot Spot
  • Power Over Ethernet Injector.
  • LAN port for Desktop Computer.
  • 36 inch 12VDC pigtail for Power Injector.
  • 3ft Cat5 POE to Computer Ethernet Cable.
  • 50ft Cat5 Antenna to POE Ethernet Cable.
  • Range: 3300 - 3900 Feet from a stong shore side signal.


We provide a light weight example pole mount for you to use when having a custom 3/8 inch stainless steel mounting made for the external antenna. The provided example should not be used to mount the antenna as it is not strong enough to support the antenna in the marine environment. See our FAQ for more information.

Price:  $337.00

Marine WIFI System  Boat WiFi Sytem

June 2014 Special