Wi-Fi for Boats
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Complete Marine Wi-Fi System
Dual 15 db Omni Wi-Fi Antennas
Ubitiqui Rocket M2 Station/Router
AirGateway Onboard Hot Spot

Share your Internet Connection!
Computer Navigation Systems,
Windows Computers, Apple Computers,
Linix Computers, Wi-Fi enabled Tablets,
Apple MacBooks, iPads and iPods, iPhones,
Smartphones & Android Devices.

  • Rocket M2 b/g/n MIMO Wi-Fi Station/Router.
  • Dual 15 db gain Omni MIMO Antenna System.
  • Two 7 inch RPSMA to N Type antenna cables.
  • AirGateway b/g/n Onboard Hot Spot
  • Power Over Ethernet Injector.
  • LAN port for Desktop Computer.
  • 36 inch 12VDC pigtail for Power Injector.
  • 3ft Cat5 POE to Computer Ethernet Cable.
  • 50ft Cat5 Antenna to POE Ethernet Cable.
  • Range: 3300 - 3900 Feet from a stong shore side signal.


Each antenna comes with a mounting designed to attach to a vertical surface.  Our suggested arrangement is both antennas mounted opposite to one another on a single pipe or stansion.  For best performance the base of the antennas should be 12 feet or more above the water.

Price:  $395.00

Marine WIFI System  Boat WiFi Sytem

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